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Toned Arms for Summer

Posted by Emily on May 24, 2022 1:03:10 PM


I’ve got the best arm workout right in time for Memorial Day Weekend festivities. Quick arm exercises are my specialty, as they are one of my favorite parts of the body to work out. I pride myself on being a strong and independent woman, and that extends to my physicality.  I love having the ability to do certain things on my own—build furniture, haul DanceBody equipment, carry boxes of La Croix from the grocery store to my apartment, open the pickle jar. Oh yeah, and teach copious amounts of DanceBody classes and Private Clients. Plus, I love how toned arms look in a cute tank top for summer.  

When most people think of arm workouts they picture a gym full of equipment. Fortunately, there are certain exercises you can do that don’t require heavy lifting at all and you’ll still gain the full benefits of beautifully toned arms.

Here are three exercises I recommend for the best arm workout:

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