DanceBody: From Survive to Thrive in 2022 - Part 2: Thrive

Posted by Katia Pryce on Mar 22, 2022 10:19:37 AM

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Over the past year, I’ve reflected back to what inspired me to build DanceBody. Why was I so passionate about this type of work in the beginning? Work that, even now, gives me the fortitude to keep it going.

Reflecting on those answers gave me renewed energy about how I operate as a leader, and as a business. DanceBody is about so much more than a workout. I’ve always said, ‘fitness is the storefront.’ But behind the scenes, what we really provide is a raw human experience that I can only describe as cathartic kinesis. Through movement as a group, we have a rare opportunity to expel our own  physical and mental limitations while simultaneously connecting to those around us. It’s a true bonding experience. Outside of family and the workplace, it is a much needed third space.

I started this year with a reinvigorated sense of excitement and aspiration. As our society begins to push forward, and shift  from pandemic to endemic, I’m finding enthusiasm for what I do more than ever before. DanceBody is needed, necessary, and essential now in an unprecedented way. Where else can you go these days for a real human experience?

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DanceBody has six essential pillars:

Dance: The artistic grace and disciplined athletic artform 

Health: The holistic approach to our mental, physical, and emotional state

Women: The raw power and vital energy we carry with us everywhere 

Grit: The passionate perseverance of working through challenges head on

Small Business: The owned responsibility of a proudly small shop

Community: The connected synchronization of moving as one with our neighbors

These identifying common denominators is what keeps the lifeblood of DanceBody pumping strong. It has been an unspoken agreement among my team and clients since 2013. Now it is time to clearly carve out our pillars so that we can proudly, and always in unison, move forward together.

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This is what you can expect from me and my team as we purposefully drive forward this year: 

  • New class offerings 
    • We are creating more workouts that move with our clients through every phase of life 
  • Fresh content 
    • Offering more  on what we are about, to bring us closer together 
  • Elite Level programming 
    • For our hardcore members who are craving more
  • New in 90
    • We change our choreography every three months so that you are continuously challenged, and never get bored 
  • For beginners 
    • Better ways to start the DanceBody Program strong

As members of this community, you continue to grow with us, and truly nothing is more exciting, challenging, or rewarding than that.

 We #KeepMoving together. Now let’s thrive in 2022

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