Give us 30 Days, we’ll give you a DanceBody.

After years of working with clients to produce real results, Katia and Courtnay are proud to launch their first curated 30-Day Programs, each with a specific focus: DanceBody, SculptBody, UpperBody, and LowerBody.

It takes time to build a habit and see real change, that’s why 30 Days is our magic number. The only way to truly absorb the DanceBody movement into your body is by taking a consistent, structured approach. After 30 Days, expect to feel tremendous results in your body while feeling energized and accomplished. 

Goals are incredibly personal, which is why it was important for us to create four separate approaches to our 30-Day Program.

EveryBody is a DanceBody, which Body are you?

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DanceBody: The 30-Day Program

In this 30-Day Program we have combined our highly effective Dance Cardio and Sculpt for a deep dive of everything DanceBody has to offer. Each day is carefully designed to ensure you receive a balanced workout that promises real results. Expect to see a weekly schedule of 5 days combining cardio with sculpt, 1 day committed to a heart-pumping full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

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SculptBody: The 30-Day Program

SculptBody: The 30-Day Program

Focused exclusively on toning exercises, this 30-Day program will refine your shape while giving you a great lower-impact sweat. Using unique movements only dancers can deliver, feel how to activate every muscle in your body - including the ones you didn’t even know existed! Expect to see 6 days a week of full body sculpt workouts, and a day off to stretch and reset. Consisting of tried and true exercises that our clients have sworn by for years, you will be amazed at the sweat level this lower-impact program promises.

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UpperBody: The 30-Day Program

UpperBody: The 30-Day Program

Blending together heart-pumping Dance Cardio and Sculpt workouts, this 30-Day Program is intensely focused on defining your arms, abs, and back. Each day is curated to ensure full body conditioning with an added focus on the upper body. Expect to see 4 days a week which combine Dance Cardio with Sculpt, 2 days committed to full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

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LowerBody: The 30-Day Program

Using a powerful mix of Dance Cardio and Sculpt workouts, this 30-Day Program was created to reshape the hips, butt, inner, and outer thighs. Each day is carefully crafted to deliver full body conditioning while concentrating on the lower body. Expect to see 4 days a week combining cardio with sculpt, 2 days committed to full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

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Frequently Asked

Questions & Answers

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How long are the daily workouts? Does it vary by Program?

Typically, the daily workout in our 30-Day Program is around 60 minutes. The daily workouts will vary between 30-75 minutes.

When does the rental period start?

The 30-day rental period begins the day you purchase the Program. For all 30 days, you will have access to the entire collection of workouts in that Program.

What level are the dances in each Program? Should I expect Full Out or Signature level dances?

A mix between follow along and signature (choreographed) dance cardio, however, there are no set  dances in the program.

What type of music do the Programs have?

DanceBody uses music from a variety of genres. The music in our 30-Day Programs will be similar to what you have heard on our On Demand library - mainly a mix of pop, hip hop, and EDM.

How are the workouts different from On Demand + LIVE classes?

Our 30-Day Program is structured into daily workouts for optimum results in 30 Days. Rather than selecting workouts from our On Demand library and LIVE classes at random, each daily workout was designed to be a piece of a focused Program.

I am pregnant - which option is best for me?

It depends on your fitness level and which Trimester you are in. SculptBody is our lower impact program, but any of the 30-Day Programs can be done while pregnant with slight modifications. You should always check with your doctor first. If you aren’t sure how to modify your workout and want one-on-one attention from a DanceBody Trainer, email to book a Virtual Private Session.

I want to try the SculptBody, can I do it without any weights/equipment?

A Resistance Band and a set of 2-3lb D-Weights are needed for all 30-Day Programs. Sculpt Bands, our HexMat, and Dance Bands are a great addition! To shop all of our equipment, head to

Do the days repeat? Or is everyday a different workout?

In each program, some workouts will appear up to 3 times throughout the month.  Consistency is KEY to seeing real results!

Do you also need to pay for a DanceBody LIVE subscription to access the program?

No, all DanceBody Programs are available for purchase to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Would I be able to pause my regular monthly subscription if I choose to rent one of the programs instead?

Yes, to manage your subscription click HERE.

I’m excited to do the 30-Day Program, should I not take LIVE classes or is it okay to double up?

We recommend you stick to the 30-Day Program as is, but feel free to double up if you’re looking for extra DanceBody. Listen to your body - it will tell you what to do!

I purchased one of the 30-Day Programs and would like to switch to a different one. Can I do this?

There are no refunds or exchanges on the 30-Day Programs, but you can always do the other one after you finish the first! To inquire further please email

What’s the difference between DanceBody and SculptBody?

SculptBody is our lower impact Program, featuring only 3-4 minutes of cardio per class. DanceBody features 5 days of high-impact cardio per week, which means it has the most cardio of all 4 Programs.

Will I gain muscle mass/size if I do the LowerBody program?

The LowerBody Program was designed to lengthen and define your butt, hips, and outer/inner thighs. The combination of high impact dance cardio with sculpt exercises will reshape and tighten your lower body, rather than build protruding muscles.