DanceBody Programs are results-driven programs created with a specific goal in mind.

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DanceBody Kids Program: 14-Day Rental

The best way to keep your kids connected + smiling: DanceBody Kids! Join Andrea and her daughters, Siena + Aria, as they dance the day away. Each day includes follow along dancing, a fun fitness challenge, and building a dance routine to perform at the very end.

Meant for ages 5-10.

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Prenatal Program: 1-Month Rental

Our #DanceBodyMoms Keep Moving throughout their entire pregnancy! This is why our CEO + Founder, Katia Pryce, created this 14-Day Prenatal Program that can be used through every trimester. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, exercise during your pregnancy can promote mood boosting effects, decrease aches and pains, and keep your muscles functioning during the ultimate marathon.


Also available for 3-Month Rental.

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Dancer Abs Program: 14-Day Rental

Give yourself some "Ab-xtra Credit" with our 5-Day Dancer Abs Program. Meant to be used as an add-on to your daily DanceBody workout, this program showcases our favorite ab exercises created by DanceBody CEO + Founder, Katia Pryce.

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Breakdown Programs: 3-Day Rental

Our set dances change every three months, giving you the chance to Practice, Perfect, and Perform the movement. In each Breakdown video, you'll learn one of our Signature or Full Out dances, step-by-step, from Katia or Courtnay. Each Breakdown is sold separately.

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