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DanceBody Programs are results-driven rentals created with a specific goal in mind.


The 2-Week DanceBody Reset

The 2-Week DanceBody Reset is designed to rebuild your workout routine with a strong foundation of proper form and increased endurance. Over 2 weeks, experience daily 60-minute workouts with a member of our training team: Katia, Courtnay, Natalie, and Emily. You will work with the same #DBtrainer for three consecutive days. This consistent format will ensure results as you gradually intensify your movement through the program.

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7-Day Sculpt: UpperBody: 7-Day Rental

Arms, abs, and back: get ready for the ultimate 7-Day Challenge! Consistency is key, and these next 7 days will keep you accountable. Each 45 minute daily workout is focused on toning your entire UpperBody while keeping your heart rate and energy up. Expect 7 days filled with tried-and-true DanceBody exercises for real results.

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7-Day Sculpt: LowerBody: 7-Day Rental

Lift, tighten, and tone your entire LowerBody with this 7-Day challenge. From our tried-and-true butt lifts to our favorite inner and outer thighs moves, this program has everything you need to stay accountable. Each 45 minute daily workout is focused on toning the butt, hips, and thighs, while keeping your heart rate and energy up.

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Prenatal Program Photo

Prenatal Program: 1-Month Rental

Our #DanceBodyMoms Keep Moving throughout their entire pregnancy! This is why our CEO + Founder, Katia Pryce, created this 14-Day Prenatal Program that can be used through every trimester. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, exercise during your pregnancy can promote mood boosting effects, decrease aches and pains, and keep your muscles functioning during the ultimate marathon.


Also available for 3-Month Rental.

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Dancer Abs Program: 14-Day Rental

Give yourself some "Ab-xtra Credit" with our 5-Day Dancer Abs Program. Meant to be used as an add-on to your daily DanceBody workout, this program showcases our favorite ab exercises created by DanceBody CEO + Founder, Katia Pryce.

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30-Day Programs

Choose from our four 30-Day Programs, DanceBody, LowerBody, SculptBody, and UpperBody where you can find a combination of Dance Cardio and Sculpt workouts to experience everything DanceBody has to offer. Each day is carefully designed to ensure you receive a balanced workout that promises real results.

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